Engineering Blogs: 49 System Design Blogs You Need to Follow

Engineering Blogs: 49 System Design Blogs You Need to Follow

Exploring the Depths of System Design: A Curated Collection of 49 Must-Read Engineering Blogs

In this exploration, we're embarking on a journey through 49 engineering blogs that pull back the curtain on the inner workings of these tech titans. From Meta (formerly Facebook) to Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and beyond, these blogs are the portals to understanding the magic of engineering at scale.

Engineering at Meta

Engineering at Meta is a technical news resource for engineers interested in how we solve large-scale technical challenges at Meta.

Google Research

Google Research tackles challenges that define the technology of today and tomorrow.

Google Research Blog

Google Cloud Blog

News, tips, and inspiration to accelerate your digital transformation

Google Cloud expands AI offerings with new tools, programs and partnerships  | VentureBeat

AWS Architecture Blog

Let's Architect! Optimizing the cost of your architecture | AWS Architecture  Blog

All Things Distributed

Werner Vogels on building scalable and robust distributed systems

All Things Distributed

The Nextflix Tech Blog

LinkedIn Engineering Blog

From scaling the LinkedIn platform to designing what’s next, they're building what's needed to connect the world's professionals to economic opportunity.

Blog | LinkedIn Engineering

Uber Engineering Blog

The technology behind Uber Engineering

Uber's Fulfillment Platform: Ground-up Re-architecture to Accelerate Uber's  Go/Get Strategy | Uber Blog

Engineering at Quora

Engineers build Quora from the ground up, from backend infrastructure to ranking algorithms to frontend abstractions, in order to achieve Quora's mission.

What is Quora? - Quora

Pinterest Engineering

Inventive engineers building the first visual discovery engine, 300 billion ideas, and counting.

Big Data – Pinterest Engineering Blog – Medium

Lyft Engineering Blog

Stories from Lyft Engineering.

Scaling productivity on microservices at Lyft (Part 1) | by Garrett Heel | Lyft  Engineering

Twitter Engineering Blog

Learn how Twitter is built and get access to its open-source algorithms.

SuperRoot: Launching a High-SLA Production Service at Twitter

Dropbox Engineering Blog

Spotify Engineering

Read about the magic behind the music & more.

GitHub Engineering

Discover tips, technical guides, and best practices

Instagram Engineering

Stories from the people who build @Instagram


Unify all your data, analytics, and AI on one platform

Databricks: A Solution for Today's Data Engineering Obstacles | Analytics8

Canva Engineering Blog

The technology behind Canva. We're sharing how we solve complex engineering problems to empower everyone in the world to design.

Etsy Engineering

The engineers who make Etsy make our living with a craft we love: software. This is where they write about their craft and their collective experience building and running the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace. Tech Blog

Latest stories published on Engineering – Medium

Expedia Technology

An inside look into the tech and people powering the travel industry

The Airbnb Tech Blog

A deeper look into how Engineers and Data Scientists build a world of belonging

Stripe Engineering Blog

We love the web and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and documentation. This belief is as true today as it was when we first wrote this line on our website when we were ten people. Our engineering blog captures how, what, and why we code at Stripe.

eBay Tech Blog

Flickr's Tech Blog

Hubspot Product and Engineering Blog

Learn the latest from Hubspot Engineering

Loop Marketing Blog | Sales Automation

Zynga Engineering

Zynga is a leading developer of the world's most popular social games that are played by millions of people around the world each day.

Yelp Engineering Blog

Heroku Engineering Blog

Discord Engineering and Design

Resources and news for engineers and Discord app developers.



Write code that will see the light of the day.


Swiggy lets you order food from your favorite restaurants near you.

Acast Tech

ASOS Tech Blog

Shopify Engineering

Stories from the teams who build and scale Shopify. The commerce platform powers millions of businesses worldwide.

Microsoft Tech Blogs

Engineering at Microsoft

How Microsoft empowers its developers to deliver at a massive scale

MongoDB Engineering Blog

Posts on Engineering efforts, achievements, and culture at MongoDB.

Slack Engineering

Engineering at Depop

Stories from the Engineering Team

SourceDiving (Cookpad's Engineering Blog)

A developer blog from the folks at Cookpad.

Auto Trader Engineering Blog

Indeed Engineering Blog

Gusto Engineering Blog

Engineering at Birdie

The ups, downs, and general musings of engineering at Birdie

Forethought Engineering

A group of software engineers, data scientists, and machine learning experts who are committed to building innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service teams.

Capital One

Disney Streaming

A Disney Technology Blog

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