My Web3 Developer Roadshow Experience

My Web3 Developer Roadshow Experience


I attended the Web3 Developer Roadshow held in Movenpick Hotels & Residences Nairobi, Kenya. The Roadshow was organized by The Mara Foundation & Circle. I had the opportunity to network and learn about blockchain and stablecoins from some of the brightest minds in the industry. The outcomes of these discussions inform my belief that blockchain is poised to be one of the most disruptive technologies in Africa and the role developers from sub-Saharan Africa will be playing cannot be ignored.


The main focus of the event was to get developers excited about Web3 and to help them smoothly transition from Web2. There are many opportunities for African Developers in Web3. Web3 developers are the core of the blockchain technical community and will play a key role in the effort to create and nurture a thriving community in Africa.


Dr. Bright G. Mawudor talked about security in Web3 and one of my key takeaways was that the security issues we have in Web3 are similar to the ones experienced in Web2. He challenged us to look at the security of our APIs and that Social Engineering remains to be the favorite method hackers use to gain access to our private information.


The highlight of the roadshow was a Keynote by Clinton Oduor who talked about what happens when Blockchain meets AI and IoT. He also talked about how smart contacts can be used to help small-scale farmers get Climate Insurance etc.


I’ve always been fascinated by blockchain technologies, but during the Web3 Developer Roadshow, I discovered that it is much more than cryptocurrencies. I learned how it can be applied to financial processes such as sensor data or payment gateways. Then, I attended networking sessions and met a group of visionary hackers who are building solutions for social impact in Africa. These conversations reminded me how much there is to learn about the Internet of Value still to be done, and created a new enthusiasm to stay on this journey with them.


For many, the Web3 Developer Roadshow represents a new opportunity to connect, collaborate and create the best possible blockchain applications. It’s an opportunity to meet other developers working on next-generation blockchain technologies and find out what they’re building, who they’re collaborating with, and where these technologies are headed. For me, this was a chance to get together with some of the best minds in blockchain development and hear about their experiences and ideas for scaling blockchain further. I am very enthusiastic about utilizing these new technologies in my career and will continue to attend events like these in the future. Plug me!

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